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Meet Margot

An open invitation to add a little luxury to your every day.


Driven by the belief that our senses are intrinsically related to our mood, inner core and life experience, Margot Chartres developed Aromatherapy Lab to infuse the world with more beauty.


As a qualified and committed aromatherapist and naturopath, Margot finds joy in sharing her passion for holistic health and igniting the senses of her community. She is a firm believer in the intrinsic and rewarding power that comes with unlocking the senses to seek a deeper connection to the self and the world.



Meet Our Products

Handmade by us. Hand-chosen by you.

Naturally-derived essential oil-based Beauty Essences and Soy Candles formulated to harness the natural power of botanicals to soothe and heal the mind, body and soul.


Why? Well, we believe a thing of fluidity is a joy forever.
It only takes a pause to awaken the senses and for calm to be restored. We exist to encourage a deeper connection with your daily practices; moments of healing and restoration which can easily glide into everyday tasks and elevate your day.


Create your own therapeutic, keepsake rituals with an extensive range of essential oil-based Beauty Essences and Soy Candles designed to complement your lifestyle with a touch of naturally-derived luxury.


Cottesloe, Western Australia  

“As I travel through life, I have become very familiar with the rituals of self-care from brushing my teeth to moisturizing my body. Rudimentary routines we do every day without thinking. However, the discovery of Aromatherapy Lab Essences has now been added too and enhanced my daily practices and focussed me in ‘living in the moment’. Scent is an anchoring sense and by choosing and dabbing on my essence for the day, I feel complete… uplifted and ready for what the day unfolds.” 


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates  

“Once you start your day, or after a busy day you just want to add a scent that goes with your mood. I got used to selecting one of the beautiful hand-crafted oils from Aromatherapy Lab, smell it then rub it on my neck or add it to my bathtub. I always make sure to read the description of each oil and what it would reflect on my inner self; this is what makes Aromatherapy lab oils special. Also, the packaging is beautiful and a nice gift for your loved ones” 


Fremantle, Western Australia  

“These essences are amazing! Every scent is lovely and unique, which makes it hard to pick a favourite. As I purchased the entire collection, I keep the bottles separately at work, in my bathroom, and beside my bed so I can use as I please. They’re the perfect pick me up and I love them!” 



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